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Welcome to EyeConnect International! By joining ECI, you will become engaged in an interactive, vibrant community of worldwide ophthalmologists dedicated to the advancement of our field and the improvement of patient care. EyeConnect International ( ECI) is a collective resource in which information is shared , questions are posed, and opinions are expressed. All levels of experience are welcomed as the goal is to share and to grow your knowledge. You will soon find that ECI will become your most valuable educational tool. Often, participants share literature references, pictures, and videos to help support and enhance their responses. You will be able to post questions, provide answers, and offer opinions related to the practice of ophthalmology. You will also be able to email individuals if you have further questions. You will find that participation becomes something that you WANT to do. ECI becomes a daily “grand rounds” with topics that are always clinically relevant because they are generated from our shared experiences.