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How to update your User settings to get emails/daily digest

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  • How to update your User settings to get emails/daily digest


    Here are the steps I recommend if you are having difficulty getting emails/notifications using the new system. We will continue to work on simplifying this process, but this explanation will hopefully suffice for the time.


    Step 1: Once you are logged in to the forum, in the upper right hand corner of your screen you should see your user name. If you click on it you will see “User settings” as a drop down option. Click on User settings.

    Step 2: There should be 4 tabs under user settings. Tab 4 is “Notifications”. Click on that.

    Step 3: There are multiple options on this screen. Under email notifications click “On” or “On daily” depending on if you prefer all emails or just a daily digest. I would also suggest scrolling down and clicking to “Receive Email Notifications of new Private Messages” Any other things you would like to be notified about you can check the boxes.

    Step 4: “Save Changes” in user settings

    Step 5: Get out of User settings and click on “Chat groups”

    Step 6: Click on “Cataract/Refractive” forum.

    Step 7: In the upper right hand side of the forum there is a button to either “Unsubscribe” or “Subscribe”. Make sure you have clicked on it to say “Subscribe”

    Step 8: Repeat Step 7 for each forum you want to follow/Get notifications about.

    John Odette, MD
    Austin Eye

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    Blue message bubble = unread messages = OCD trigger
    Peter Lombard MD
    Lombard Health
    Sinajana, GU


    • John Odette MD
      John Odette MD commented
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      Perfect...Now we know how to get your attention Peter . Eventually you will be able to hide the groups you don't want to see to avoid the blue bubble missing out effect.